The Raw salt we mine with our producer was deposited a very long time ago as a result of seawater evaporation. This layer of salt has been neglected for many years until our producer and other companies started to deal with it. The salt is covered by a thin layer of sand and by using a crawler excavator, we remove that thin layer of sand and get to the salt. This layer of salt extends from 3 meters in thickness to more than 6 meters in thickness in some areas. The extracted salt mainly comes white in appearance and we also use the excavators to wash the salt in its brine water to get the Salt white.
The main chemical component of our salt is sodium chloride (NaCl ) which range between 97% NaCl to 99% NaCl, depending on the specified produce required.
The maximum moisture for this salt is about 0.4% which is unique to this region because of the hot weather and zero rainfall.
We also have the ability to process the salt by using grinding mills that can crush the salt and by using mechanical sieves we can also control the size of the salt.

Please find attached the specification for our:
RAW and WASHED Salt for deicing and industrial
The Salt is available in any granule size you require

The five products that we supply are:

Raw salt means the extracted salt is supplied as it is, without any additional processing. It is mainly white in appearance. The Raw salt contains minimum of 97 % NaCl, and its moisture a maximum of 0.7%. The insoluble elements are approximately 0.5%. The Raw salt also has low calcium and magnesium content at 0.06%.

The raw salt is washed by using a brine solution to decrease the undesired elements (calcium and magnesium) and also further decrease the insoluble matter. The washed salt can reach up to 99.2% Sodium Chloride (NaCl), and approximately 0.2% of insoluble matter and less than 0.5% moisture. This product can also be used to produce edible salt after drying. This product can be used for chemical and petro chemicals industries.

Based on customer requirement we can sieve the salt by mechanical sieves, in order to get the suitable size for the customer. (0-3mm, 0-5mm, 0-6mm, 0-8mm, and 0-10mm).

We can also process the salt using grinding mills. With this process we can crush the salt to fine grains, according to customer requirements. Salt that is crushed or ground is used mainly for customers involved in the sector of industrial salt.

We produce tablet, granular and block salt for water softening. Our refined tablets are and smooth and are compacted using the latest technology, so they will not fall apart. With nothing added and nothing taken away; these are one of the purest water softening salt tablets around and will ensure best results for your water softener. We also produce a budget mechanical tablet, that also has great performance. Our granules come in a range of sizes to suit all needs. We produce the tablets and granular salts in both 10KG and 25KG PE Bags.