LOI & Commercial Terms

Our company is the Mandate of the Producer, and we are authorized for that all negotiations to begin with us.
To start a negotiation, and to be able to present your purchase proposal to the Seller for its evaluation, we need the  LOI of direct Buyer according to the all  instructions detailed, and if it is accepted, we will send the Seller's SCO and NCNDA and the negotiation will begin only between Buyer & Seller.

LOI /  Instructions to issue
EMISSION | The LOI must be issued in the Buyer's letterhead to the name indicated by us, signed and sealed by the legal representative, with current date, and include all the information indicated, otherwise, this document will not be accepted.

NAME | We will send and indicate the name to which the document should be issued.
We do not accept LOI issued to other names.

The Seller and us will negotiate directly with the Buyer, when we receive the LOI and it is accepted.
When we receive the LOI of direct Buyer, we will send the Seller's SCO, with all  your general  information and banking details, to start the negotiation

  • Buyer | full data contact (address, phone & email), because the direct negotiation is only between Buyer & Seller.
  • Buyer's Bank Prime Bank TOP50 | bank name and banking details, and must include the bank officer name, email and phone.
  • NOTE | If the Buyer's  bank is not one of the Top 50 Banks, the Payment  Instrument  &  Guarantee must be confirmed by a Top 50 Bank, or be sent  via swift by his Top 50 correspondent  Bank, and the bank name must  be included in the LOI
  • Product | description and type 
  • Specifications | in detail 
  • QTY in MT | spot or contract (required quantity)
  • Payment Terms | indicate your proposal to evaluate
  • Packaging | indicate
  • Target Price | indicate, is very important for an offer
  • Destination port |  indicate (port & country)
  • Bank to Bank | All our operations it does of bank to bank, to keep the confidentiality of business information of the companies, your bank details, and both (Buyer & Seller) have more security to negotiate transactions faster and reach a serious and real agreement.
  • Samples | we do not send samples, only POP via bank to bank after the signing of the contract.
  • Past Performance & SGS | it is not legal send private information of other companies
  • Trial Orders | it is accepted only if it is part of an annual contract (1 + 12 months)
  • Visit Plant | it is not accepted by the Producer
If you are a Broker, we will sign with you an NCNDA by your commission and participation in the business, and we will work this operation together with you. The commission will be established when we receive the LOI of direct Buyer and this is accepted by the Seller. 
The IMFPA will be signed by the Seller and participants after the Contract is signed and closed.
NOTE | The commission is established for the Buyerside group, we do not accept chains of intermediaries (it is not in based on the number of participants)

PROCEDURES | in general
  • Buyer send the LOI with banking details and Target Price
  • Seller send the SCO & NCNDA
  • Buyer send the ICPO
  • The Seller issue the FCO and Draft Contract, and the Buyer sign and return
  • The Seller issue the Purchase Contract
  • Buyer and Seller sign the Contract and exchange signed contracts through e-mails
  • Buyer issue the payment instrument Non Operative,  issued by a Top Prime Bank, and send to the Seller's Bank
  • Seller issue PB 2 % and send the POP via swift to the Buyer's Bank, that makes the payment instrument are operative
  • Seller’s prepares goods for shipment within 5 business days after confirmation and aproval of payment instrument
  • Seller’s starts shipping arrangements and provides the following shipping documents, to be forwarded to buyer:
    • Bill of Lading
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of Weight and Quality by SGS, Bureau Veritas or other International Standard Certification Company.
    • Export Declaration
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Phytosanitary Certificate
    • Cargo Insurance Certificate
  • Shippment begins
If you agree with our procedures & commercial terms for initiating a negotiation, please send the LOI of direct Buyer according to instructions detailed, otherwise the Seller will not agree to initiate this process | Seller's instructions