COTTON Seed & Meal  Non Gmo 


  • For OIL production and CATTLE Feed
HS CODE: 120729
Crop Year:  2018 / 2019

Quality specifications:
  • Moisture: 10% max
  • Protein: 18% min
  • Oil Content:18% min
  • Aflatoxin: 10 ppb max
  • Admixture: 2% max
  • QTY | 250MT min to 5,000MT max
  • Minimum SHIPMENT | 250 MT
  • PORT of SHIPMENT |  Cotonou | BENIN
Shipping Documents
  • Original signed Commercial Invoice in 3 folds
  • Original full set of Clean on Board Ocean Bills of Lading
  • Original signed Packing List in 3 folds
  • Original Certificate of origin in 1 fold
  • Original Phytosanitary by the Government of the Republic of Benincertifying - see attaceg copy
  • Certificate of Weight by SGS
  • Certificate of Quality by SGS


Information about our COTTONSEED MEAL
The plant we are sourcing the cottonseed meal from has an installed capacity of 300 MT of cottonseed and can grind other commodities like soybeans, palm nuts and shea nuts. 
Its extraction unit is equipped with a Solvent system of miscella refining and refinery equipment which was supplied by De Smet Belgium. Other amenities that complement the plant are supplied by leading companies in their respective fields.
The cotton seeds are first cleaned in two parts, peeled and finally sifted through the hype for almond hulls separation. The hulls are used as fuel in the boiler to produce superheated steam. 
  • Preparation | The almonds were sent into the cooker. Almonds cooked in fridges go to reduce the thickness to make more oil available. The kernels are then sent to the extruder where they undergo a cooling process before being conveyed to the unit extraction solvent.
  • Extraction | The cooled extrudates pass through the extraction solvent unit to give the miscella (oil and hexane mixture). At this stage, we get a by-product (extracted meal) that are sent to desolvantor-dryer. The extracted meal are then ferried in small containers where they will be bagged as flour or pellet meal, after processing.
Product: Cottonseed Meal - Solvent Extracted
HS CODE: 2306 10 10

Quality specifications:
  • Moisture: 12% max 
  • Protein: 38% -  42%
  • Oil Content:  4% – 6 %
  • Fibre: 14% max
  • Aflatoxin: 20 ppb max
  • PACKING | 50Kg PP bags gross for nett weight | Container 20' / 24MT
  • AVAILABILITY | 5,000 MT/ monthly shipment of 2,000 MT / Supply Contract Required
  • ORIGIN | BENIN Republic